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U.V. Masterbatch


Available with concentration of 10 % & 20 %
Contains high performance HALS TYPE UV stabilizer (HILITE-77)
Recommended dosage from 1 % to 5 %
PE - Base carrier resin


Can be used in all type of plastic products made from PP & PE Viz.,
Food grade applications
Agriculture films
Synthetic fibers : PP, PET & NYLON
Auto plastic applications


Extraordinary UV stabilizer efficiency in polyolefins
Low colour contribution, low volatility & extraction resistance
Lower interaction with pigments & fillers
Excellent performance alone OR combination with other stabilizers
Provides longer service life and / or reduced cost


A clear understanding of the UV stabilization theory plus experience with the current practice will provide the foundation for the successful development of new UV stabilized MB formulations
UV stabilization benefits have been demonstrated with a variety of light stabilizers and combinations in a variety of polymers


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