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Optical Brightner Masterbatch

Our brighteners are available in powder as well as granule form.

Our powder form brighteners r in various tones such as – natural white, light blue, dark blue, light violet,etc. which is used in HM VIRGIN / Reprocess Pick Bags, PP/HD/LD  reprocess granules, PC/PP Molded virgin / r.p. transparent parts,  etc. In PP Trans Molded parts, our particular grade can give u virgin effect though u add up to 20 % grinding material.

Our granule form brighteners r in light blue, dark blue, natural white etc, tone. In brighteners, our blue tone brightener & brightener which is used in filler loaded material, r our speciality. Generally, if we use generally available brightener which is available in yellow coloured granules, with highly filler loaded bags, then that brightener will react with filler & yellowishness  is created while our specially developed brightener will work very compatible with filler will give perfect whiteness with no reaction.


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