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Moisture Removal Additives

1] Pree Heat :
IN ABS, HIPS,  PS,  NYLON, PC ( Either virgin or reprocess)           ETC.    materials, we need to  preheat the material to prevent any kind of silverlines, gas content & to process the material smoothly. Even in reprocess PP, HM,HD, LD etc.  materials we need to preheat the materials, which consume a lots of  ELECTRICITY, time,  labour, etc. which had no solution till now.
Now we have developed Pree heat which needs no preheat in any of above mentioned materials & gives total weightage value for the dosage addition of it. So there would be  lots of savings & relief in hectic systems.

Dosage in various Polymers( per 25kgs of raw material ) :

ABS : Virgin – 500gms & r/p : 700 gms to 1000 kgs
HIPS & PS : Virgin -  350gms & r/p : 500 to 700 gms
PP/HD/LD/HM : R/P – 300 gms

Physical Form : It is available in powder form as well as soft and rigid granule form
And above mentioned dosage is of powder form while granule form will require more dosage.


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