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Impact Modifier Master Batch


Unmodified polymers viz, PVC, PMMA, PS/SAN are brittle. Even PC,PA or PE will exhibit a brittle to ductile & limited impact strength In order to satisfy end-use requirement for rigid applications


In Acrylic ( Impact Modifier ) in rigid PVC formulation


To get the required impact strength in rigid polymers.


The characteristics are as under :
The quality of dispersion
The adhesion to the polymer matrix
The rubber domain particle size in the matrix
The rubber glass transition temperature


E3 Series: It is our specially blended additive which we can provide generally at the rate of Rs. 80/kg which is nearly the rate of pp material. So without much addition of costing, the strength of moulded articles can be improved up to some extent.

Recommended Dosage: 1 to 2 kgs / 25kgs of polymer

The material is translucent, so in light colours, there wont be colour shade difference in molded articles while in dark colour, the colour shade may change upto  some extent.

Recently we have introduced one eco elastomer grade which is even more economic than polymer rate so we can reduce the costing with better strength.


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