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Colour MasterBatch

Made with quality pigments & superior mixing process
Available with different shades i.e. in transparent, metallic & pearlite special effect
Manufactured with PE, HIPS, NYLON, PC and ABS base carriers


Available in full range of shades
Can be used in the manufacturing of yarn for carpets
Various master batches are developed for the different applications are as follows :
General purpose or commodity
Injection / Blow / Roto Moulding applications


Improve the appearance and performance of resins to meet your exact specifications
Good heat stability, light fastness & no migration properties in end product
Provides excellent processibility, outstanding color stability, and strength
Offer very high color strength compared to competitive concentrates


Made under strict QC system supported by SPECTROPHOTOMETER, which gives unmatched consistency & reliability
We’ve matched thousands of different colors in virtually every resin on the market
Our color-matching expertise is backed by the equipment and trained personnel in our advanced QC laboratory
The pigments are carefully selected for chemical resistance, gas fading resistance, and color fastness


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